Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Nail Art Obsession

Hello lovely peeps, 

I've been obsessing about nail art for a very long time, ever since my mum started getting Acrylic nails (20 plus years ago). I thought I would share some of my nail art creations with you. If you would like a step to step tutorial on any of them please let me know and I will happily do them for you. =D

^^ These are my Olympic/Team GB nails. I'm currently sporting these bad boys in support for Team GB at the Olympics ^^

^^ Mint green Ombre effect ^^

^^ Blue glitter Ombre effect ^^

^^ Multicoloured leopard print on a Gold background ^^

^^ White "cracked" effected on a Coral background ^^

^^ Coral/Orange Pyramid effect (see blog for step by step guide) ^^

^^ Sunset Ombre effect with Smiley Face ^^

^^ Ring finger Aztec Print ^^

^^ Multicoloured inward French Tips ^^

^^ Small vintage flowers in ring finger ^^

^^ Union Jack Jubilee Nails ^^

^^ Green to Purple Ombre ^^

^^ Glitter Ombre Tips ^^



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