Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rebel Rebel, your such a mess | Review

My current obsession is lipsticks especially plum coloured ones, and the best of them is Rebel by MAC. This lipstick is the perfect colour for this time of year, dark, mysterious and  great staying power.

MAC lipsticks are by far my favs as they come in every colour possible and don't make my lips go funny. In total I have 10 lipsticks by MAC and Rebel is the one I'm wearing the most. Surprisingly it goes well with everything and stays on my lips (without re-touching) for 4 hours. The colour of Rebel is a vivid plum colour, something LSP from Adventure Time would wear (if she had lips and was real).

If you new to MAC lipsticks or would just like to try out a new colour I would recommend this colour it's buildable, easy to apply and can be mixed with a nude shade to soften the look.

What is your favourite lipstick for this time of year?


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