Saturday, 8 December 2012

Anatomicals "Don't just clean it women, scrub it" Body Scrub | Review

I'm very lazy when it comes to skin care for my body...very lazy. I pretty much just use shower gel to clean my skin and that's it. I know its pretty back but my house is cold and when I come out of the shower the last thing I want to do is spend ages moisturising my skin.

I've had strange little bumps on my arms that I've has since I was a kid, the Doctors don't know what it is and no one seems to have a cure for it. Hence why people rarely see me with my arms out. The only thing that really helps are body scrubs, I've tried a few and like a few but Anatomicals "don't just clean it, women, scrub it" body scrub is BLOOMING brilliant. My skin has improved and seems to have fewer bumps. The vigorous scrubbing has also helped my orange peel (the dreaded celluloid).

The scrub has little beads in them that help get rid of the dead skin, making the skin more moisturised and healthy. It has a really nice smell to it too. Always an added bonus. The quirky name is excellent, all their packaging has these cute little says on them. Basic packaging for me is great as it catches the eye. After trying this I'm going to have to try more of Anatomicals products. It helps that they have a budget friendly price tag. 

Have you tried anything from their range yet?


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