Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My style through the last two years!

In the lifts at Global Radio, channeling my inner 50's girl look. (2011)
Looking a little worse for wear in a cheeky little black number. (2011)
Very casual, pretty much lived in this over the summer (2012)
When all else fails I wear this Jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge, wore this on a very important date night! (2012)
The little white dress everyone had from Primark (2012)
Creepers, Disco Pants and checkered shirts! Staple in my wardrobe (2012)
In Morocco, my hair was perfect then. After this it went from worse to worse. (2012)
At Field Day with some rather fancy Nail-art (2012)
At the Paralympics in London, highlight of 2012
I was having a little bit of a reflective moment today, I was looking at my wardrobe and I thought...I have nothing to wear! First of a lot of my clothes are in the wash (Must wash everything after a trip) and secondly there was just nothing that matched! *Hump*

So I decided to look at some old photo's of the last two years and see what happened to my style. In my head, I know what direction I want to go in but making this a reality is a little harder (£££). I've never really stuck with one style or one image, I like to chop and change my image. I thought it would be quite nice to show you lovely peeps my style over the last two years. One thing is for sure...MUST LOSE WEIGHT! 


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