Friday, 18 January 2013

Romwe | Wishlist

Batman Shirt £40.22
Skeleton Shirt £21.48
Beaded Shorts £22.15
Buckle Bag £35.58
Pleated Trousers £39.61
I can't seem to keep away from Internet shopping at the moment! I think I may have a problem...*put away the credit card*.

So now that I've sorted that out, I've recently discovered Romwe and I'm in love. I love their quirky, kooky and different fashion they have on this wonderful site. Everything about this site grabs me by the ears pulls me in with a gratifying force. I heard of this site from other blogger's but never had the time to sit down and properly have a look at their collection! I'm so glad I did. 
The whole site has something for everyone, whatever your style.

These are my picks of the moment!

What are your favourite items from Romwe?


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