Friday, 15 February 2013

Hair Style's through the years...

** Warning **
There are a sh*t load of photos of me!
Little me, my natural hair in all it's glory!
Secondary School with my mate Shazza.
Stupidly highlighted hair, it's never been the same since.
School photo - Hello Fizzy head!
My 21st, I thought it would be a good idea to cut my hair a la Edie Sedgwick .
I looked more like a mushroom!
Slightly longer hair with a more natural colour (look how skinny I was)
Back at Uni and went for a bit of a chocolate colour.
Slightly longer hair, naturally wavy
The first time the fringe made an appearance, sadly it didn't last long. 
Graduation 2007 - trying to grow out my fringe (hidden under my hat)
Opting for the side fringe, still brown and still trying to grow it.
Layers and poker straight. My chavy side made an appearance. 
Extensions in and curly hair for a wedding
Cut my hair into a long bob, as soon as I had it cut I regretted it.
I've been growing my hair ever since. 
Embracing my inner Rogue (X-men) at Reading 2009
Side parting, poker straight hair.
First time I ever paid for a Haircut - needless to say I won't ever go back to getting my hair cut at a Salon.
One side of my hair was perfect and the other was cut into a bob?!?!?!? WTF
Cornrows for Glastonbury 2010 - Worse idea possible, I lost so much hair it's still recovering from it.
Reading 2010 - Pretty much my natural Hair
Freshly cut fringe being "cupped" by Dave Berry. As you do.
I went red again! (Reading Festival 2011)
The famous red Ombre, it was great but so much hard work to keep up!
My current Hair, natural brown with some blonde Ombre.
Once I've looked at all the hair style (I've not included all of them because they are on printed photo's and sadly I don't have a scanner) I noticed that my hair hasn't really changed all that much. When you have a specific hair cut or colour you feel like you've had it for ages. I've noticed I like my hair brown and keeping it quite long. I thought this would be quite nice to show my different hair style's, what I've done with my hair and whatnot.

My hair is naturally very thick, wavy and a medium chocolate brown colour. It's always been in a good condition but since the first time that I bleached my hair it's never been the same since. Even with all the lovely products I've used, it will never be the same. 

Which is your favourite hairstyle? 


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