Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Je t'aime Paris | Part 1

In the middle of January, my lovely Boyfriend took me to Paris for Christmas. It was a lovely surprise even though I'd been hinting about going to the city of Love for nearly 2 years! All that hinting was well worth it, I'm already planning a trip back there. Let me take on my little adventure to Paris!
The Boy doing his best pose!
I may have looked a bit silly in my massive fur coat and ear muffs but I was nice and snug.
Not impressed by the Mona Lisa, it's hard to explain but she just didn't woo me.
Row of bum's in the Louvre 
Supermodel Boyfriend strikes again.
It's a shame it was so foggy, but it did make for great Photos.
Possibly the most stunning building in Paris, inside and out.
Double Decker carousel!!!
The Notre Dame in the background.
Me outside the Louvre. Embracing my inner Di Vinci Code.
I thought I would share my little Paris adventure with you lovelies! We stayed in the Pigalle area, also known as the red light district, Moulin Rouge is just around the corner. We mainly walked a lot with no real intention of going to specific places. We both really wanted to go the Louvre and to some Vintage shops, but other than that we just followed our feet and had a wonder at the fabulous sites Paris had to offer.



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