Sunday, 10 February 2013

Why I'm not bothered about Valentines day...

Disclaimer: I am not anti-Valentine's day, I'm in no way taking the piss out of people who celebrate it or get really into it. I'm merrily informing you of what I do and how I feel about it. If you take offence, buy some chocolate and watch Bridget Jones.

So in a couple of day's it's Valentine's day and everyone goes metal! Well, not metal but just a bit lovesick crazy. All you see in shops is a sea of red and pink, flowers are twice as expensive and boy/men just look dazed and confused. 
In the last few weeks, I've been receiving at least 5 E-mails a day with Valentine looks/gifts/ideas (I think I need to unsubscribe). Which would be fine but every single one of them is the same!!! I mean exactly the same. All the fashion site seem to be advertising red or pink Dresses, sexy lingerie and killer heels. Oh how Original. What about the people who don't wear dresses? Or hate heels? Or only wear Black? What about those people? It frustrates me when all I see is a stereotypical image of Valentine's day! Why is there no alternative Valentines for the alternative people? 

When I was younger I used to love Valentine's day, I was so in love with the idea that your secret admirer would give you a card on Valentine's day to confess their love to you. Of course, that didn't last because in Austria they don't really celebrate Valentine day. Sucky. When I moved to England I thought all the hype was great until someone I liked didn't get me a card/flowers/chocolate and I felt unloved. I was 15. 

I thought I would love Valentines Day again when I was in my first serious relationship, but it was, even more, hassle. Planning for one night. Spending far too much money on a day that doesn't really mean anything to an unhappy couple. We had 3 Valentines Day's and each one ended in an argument because we made such a fuss about the bullshit and not on our relationship.  

It wasn't until I went to Uni that I really embraced Valentines Day, and why do you ask? Because I was single and my Student Union really put on a good night. Most of my friends were single and we just all got together and celebrate our love for each other. How cheesy does that sound? It was a great thought, there was no pressure to do anything but have a good time with people you liked. Even after Uni I didn't like to put pressure on myself at Valentine day because I was quite happy on my own, and when my friends were busy I would take my mum out and we'd go for a meal and to the cinema. 

Even when I met Dan (my be all and end all) my perception on Valentine's day didn't change, surprise, surprise. Last year was our first Valentine Day together and it was perfect! No pressure/hassle/bullshit or whatever! BLISS. We had a £5 budget for present/card, made last minute plans for a meal and watched a stupidly gory horror film. Perfection. I'm not quite sure how we're gonna beat that. Oh wait, we're going to a Wedding on Valentine's day this year. I'd like to point out NOT our Wedding. We've agreed on a £10 budget and plan to cook a massive meal on the weekend and watch some more horror films. We make more of an effort on our anniversary as that is more important to us. 

Don't let Valentine's day force you into a feeling of frenzy, celebrate your relationship as you wish to celebrate it. Don't let society dictate how you should act on Valentine's day. Single or taken - just bloody enjoy it!!!

What do you plan to do on Valentine's day?


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