Tuesday, 9 April 2013

ASOS Festival Wishlist

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing some Blog post on Festivals. This is my favourite subject of all to write about. I am a massive fan of Festivals, day or weekend! I just LOVE them! 
Here are my ASOS picks that I am lusting after for the Festival Season...
1) Dungarees 
I am soo loving this trend right now! It's 90's, it's grunge and it's perfect for a festival. Hence why I want a pair!

2) Backpack

Every year I have an over the body bag and they are quite annoying after the 2nd day. So this year I want a backpack and this one fits in with the "Look" I want to achieve this year at Glastonbury! 

3) Dress

This Dress is wonderful, at Festivals you want something easy to wear that's easy to throw on. I like the pattern of this dress and the simpleness of it all. A statement necklace and some biker boots will look amazing with this dress. 

4) Cardigans

These are an essential when packing for a Festival, it get's very cold at night and you want something easy and simple to thrown on when it gets a bit nippy! This one looks vintage and adds a certain something to any outfit.

5) Scarf

Again something easy to thrown on at night when it's cold and something fashionable to cover up when it's sunny. 

6) Maxi Skirt

Protects you from the sun (those UV rays are dangerous) and this fringed one is spot on. I want it so bad!

What are you wishing/lusting after for the Festival season?



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