Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Currently loving ... Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes are back and I'm absolutely loving them! The 90s are back and I'm embracing it! (maybe because I can remember it the first time round and it makes me feel young - sad yes!)

The 90s are back in full effect, dungarees, scrunchies and now Jelly shoes are making a comeback!
I remember owning a pair when I was a little Munchkin, they were clear and had loads of glitter on them! I loved them, mainly for the fact they have a slight heel to them!

I'm so excited for them that I actually bought a pair today! Yes, I actually bought a pair! Why I hear you say?
Well, I'm off to Glastonbury Festival (I am amazingly lucky to have a ticket) and I'm thinking these might be the perfect shoe to wear. Water resistant and I can wear some pretty shoes with them to make them "ÜBER COOL" also I saw my fav Paris Blogger Hey Dickface wear a pair and I just had to have them!
I got mine at River Island here. They were only £20 which is the cheapest I'd seen them at, and I choose the light metallic ones. They are original Juju Jelly Shoes too! So I'm happy!

Now all I need are some dungarees and a scrunchie - actually, I'll say no to the scrunchie they were awful then and are still awful!



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