Thursday, 4 April 2013

Style Crush | Karen O

Karen O from the band "Yeah Yeah Yeahs" is a total Babe! (Sorry went all Clueless then)
For me, she is the perfect front women! Why I hear you ask?
She's wild, beautiful, mad, eccentric, energetic and stylish. What more could you possibly want?

Karen O and her famous Leather Jacket - this chick knows how to work a Leather Jacket
At Glastonbury Festival 2009 - SCRIMP CAPE!
Her famous bowl haircut! She seriously pulls it off. 
The outfit for the music Video - Heads will Roll
Crazy eyelashes! 
Standard gig get up by Karen O!
I've loved Karen O ever since I can remember hearing them on the radio. She is such a cool chick.
Everything about her, her cool bowler cut hair to bright lipstick to her crazy/wild onstage outfit.

This girl has it all going on. If I had the right head shape I would so cut my hair into a bowler cut!



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