Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Primark is now Online? Say what?

Since when did this happen? And how on earth did I not know about this before?


So I was having a little retail therapy session on the ASOS last night after watching Games of Thrones (OMG amazingly upsetting) and I came across the Primark section. At first, I thought I was dreaming, Primark available online? Never? 

That was the beauty of Primark, they never had an online store or site, you could only ever get your hands on their wonderfully low-priced items in a store. 

But I'm guessing that has all changed, why was I not informed of this???

On the downside, there is only a small selection available online (20 items), but I have to say there is a good selection there. Quite "Festival look".

You can find all the Primark clothes here.

What do you think about Primark being available online? Good item or bad?



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