Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Payday Wishlist #1

Once Halloween is over all I can think about is the Party season. Sequins, velvet, textures, dresses and metallics. I'm a magpie when it comes to the glitz and glam of the Party season. November and December are normally filled with parties, birthdays and gigs. The next two months are ridiculously busy for me so I want to make sure I look great for 2016 Pary season.

M&S Fit and Flare Velvet Dress - £39.50
New Look White Animal Print Faux Fur Coat- £54.99
New Look Light Purple Velvet Pleated Funnel Neck Top - £12.99
In recent months I've been buying clothes which transition into all seasons, not sure if it's my age or I'm just over 'trends' but I like to invest my money into pieces I can wear all year round. I know velvet isn't something you wear all year round but I like to try. I know what you're thinking how can you wear sequins and metallics all year round? Well, thanks to festivals you can! I'm a frequent festival-goer and I love to dress up as much as possible when I go because why the hell not.

M&S Velvet Lace Blouse - £39.50
ASOS Ruffle Front Blouse with Embellished Collar & Tie - £45.00
New Look Black Pleated Choker Neck Cold Shoulder Top - £17.99
I've been stalking New Look, ASOS and Marks and Spencer and these are my favourite pieces I've found. Mixing textures is one of my favourite things to do with fashion, whether it be denim and velvet, sequins and lace or faux fur and leather. Obviously fashion is a personal thing but I hope these picks will inspire you in future purchases. 


Let me know what you have been lusting after this month, I'd love to know.

Marianna x


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